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What our customers are saying...

Ishida Canada Inc. has been using Cloudnet since 2014 for many business needs. This is by far the best option for file security, 365 control and the best service support on the planet. They allow us secure access to our documents from all over the world. It doesn’t matter what the size of your company is, I would highly recommend Cloudnet for any business, especially with todays increased security threats.

Bill Taylor
Ishida Canada Inc.

I was very doubtful when we first took the step to take all our systems online. You know how it is when you work for so many years in a certain way. I also take the business I have built for the last 22 years very seriously so the thought of having all our data somewhere else was not an easy.

I have to say I am very pleased with the level of service and comfort I feel now with everything on CloudNet. The world has been heading online now for many years it’s the way of business today and it will make us more efficient and reliable. The ease of being able to go anywhere and just log on to my system and seeing it just like I left it no matter where I am or what computer I use is the best feeling in the world. I have tried many other methods and none are even close to what we have now.

We in the restoration industry are fighting a constant battle of having to be more and more efficient and being able to take on whatever were thrown at a moment’s notice. This is certainly a great tool to help us meet that demand.

I am positive we will also see a great help on the bottom line just in our IT savings alone. Your team is there at all times and are very knowledgeable like our own staff.

Ron Cormier
President / Owner, M&G Restoration DKI

We have been using CloudNet for three and a half years and are very happy that we no longer have our own server. We were hacked at different times and had constant unpredictable IT events.
Cory and his team keep us up and running and technical support is excellent.

Jack Moore

I highly recommend CloudNet services. Love the convenience of not having to maintain an internal server. Great service and very responsive.

Jim Hungerford
Apex Construction Texas

Working with CloudNet has been a pleasure. Their product works almost flawlessly but on the rare occasion that it is needed, support is readily available, and issues are quickly resolved. We highly recommend CloudNet!

Karen Foster
Global Builders Restoration

It took a couple years to make the decision to move systems to CloudNet. We have four offices and the transition went very smooth. We were able to centralize duties and having access to your desktop where ever has been beneficial and productive. Great service and support, wish we didn’t wait the two years.

Ken Zwiers
Universal Restoration Systems Ltd.

I would like to say CloudNet, Cory and Josh have made my life easier at the office. When it comes to computers, I have no patience. I just want to toss it out the window!!!! Any questions I have, any problems I have, they solve them right away!!! I am so happy to be a client of CloudNet.

Jim and Patricia Parker
Parker DKI

We have been a client for close to 2 years and as a small business just starting up CloudNet has been outstanding in everything they have provided us.

Brent Pincombe
WINMAR Lanark County

Cory has been managing our cloud for the last 7 years. Once we understood the cloud and the service he was providing we truly saw value in his product and it has helped us to grow and control our IT infrastructure with simplicity. His product truly is what he promises, flipping a switch and turning you on. The support from both Cory and his teams has been phenomenal always going above and beyond. Choosing CloudNet for us was a perfect choice and one of the best decisions we made from a IT perspective.

Raj Vallabh
Positive Accounting

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