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Cloud Server


Eliminate the need for in-house servers, and save yourself TIME & MONEY.

The  Cloud Server is a fully functioning virtual server; capable of running  Windows or Linux server operating systems. We will meet any hardware requirements you have allowing you to avoid costly hardware purchases and consulting fees for server maintenance and installation.

If the software you rely on to run your business requires a hardware upgrade, we simply provide more memory, storage, processing power or bandwidth as you need it.  In most cases the additional hardware requirements can be met in a matter of minutes. We will work with your software providers to install any proprietary server-based software or ERP you wish to use.

Your  virtual server(s) are managed by our professionals.

Service includes:

  • All server maintenance on a scheduled basis.
  • Upgrade your Cloud Server when patches are released.
  • Backup your Cloud Server at multiple data centers.
  • Available technical support  for your Cloud Server 24 hours a day.
  • 24 / 7 security monitoring of your Cloud Servers.
  • SLA guarantee for Cloud Server up time.

Our data centers are located solely in Canada.

Cloud Computer Free

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