Computer Systems as a Service.

The Oxford dictionary defines cloud computing as:

“The practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store,manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer.”

Our Cloud PC’s do all that and more.  They store all your data and allow you to use programs like Office, Quick Books, CAD, and/or any other Windows program to manage and process your data.   Your current PC, Phone, Mac or tablet become a simple tool to access your Cloud PC no matter how old it is.

Using Cloud PC’s and Cloud Servers can replace your existing traditional computer network and save you thousands of dollars a year on your I.T. budget.  We would be happy to provide you with real world examples that prove this, just ask us.

Our Cloud PC’s are easy to use!  If you currently use a PC in your office and know how to browse the web then you already know how to use a Cloud PC.

Cloud PC’s are easy to setup!  It takes only a few minutes to get you up and running on a Cloud PC with our tech support’s guidance.  We do the hard stuff, like setting up programs, security and more.

Cloud PC’s are safe and secure, we perform multiple backups of your Cloud PC’s daily in two data centers.   We monitor for all kinds of bad things like viruses or intrusion using state of the art technology.

A great time to consider moving to CloudNet’s Cloud PCs are if you are experiencing any of the following on a traditional local area network:

  • Slow Computers
  • Computers that crash or do not work the way you want them to
  • You lose files or data
  • You wait hours or days for consultants to fix your computers
  • Viruses or network security is a concern for you
  • You’d like someone to call when you have  ANY technology related questions
  • You would like to have a server or you need to replace an old server
  • Including our fees, you WILL reduce your annual I.T. expenses

For more information visit the “Services” sections of our website, email or call (888)-306-6628.

“This is the perfect solution for our multi-branch business, it allows fast secure access to our windows desktops from anywhere!”  from a satisfied client.

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