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Cloud PC


The “Cloud PC” is a virtual PC Desktop (Desktop as a Service ‘DaaS’ ) that allows you to use your Windows OS or Linux OS from virtually anywhere by accessing your programs on the Cloud.

You can access your Cloud PC  through a web browser, an app on your laptop or PC, a Mac computer, smartphones and tablets such as an iPhone or Android.  Once connected to your Cloud PC you can use any of your applications, there is no need to install the programs on a local PC as the applications all run perfectly on your fully supported Cloud PC.

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There are many advantages to a Cloud PC.   A few are:

  • Cloud PCs are easy to use because they are Windows PCs.
  • You can access your applications from any device; be it a PC, a Mac, a smart phone or tablet.
  • Easily and quickly access your Cloud PC from anywhere in the world* that you have internet access. *VPN needed if outside Canada or the USA.
  • Print to any printer the way you always do, by clicking print.
  • Your Cloud PC is backed up multiple times DAILY at multiple data centers!
  • CloudNet Canada Inc. manages your Cloud PC completely; including antivirus, security and software updates.  We do it all.
  • CloudNet Canada Inc. has available 24-hour technical support for your Cloud PC and any installed applications.
  • All of your data stored on a Cloud PC is kept in data centers located solely in Canada.

Here is a screenshot of what a Cloud PC running Windows looks like when you connect to your Cloud PC using a web browser.

Cloud Desktop
Cloud Servers

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